Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Tell your story."

A couple months ago, Kevin Breel came to my high school to promote his new book, Boy Meets Depression: Or Life Sucks and Then You Live. I haven't finished the book yet, but so far so good.

Kevin encourages audiences to recognize the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and to stop that stigma by starting a dialogue in the community. I'm extremely appreciative of how straightforward he is about this.

Kevin said to the audience, "tell your story. You aren't alone. You can either share your story or be ashamed of it, and I didn't want to be ashamed anymore."

I am most definitely not ashamed of my story, but that doesn't make the stigma surrounding these issues disappear. Now we've come full circle. See? I'm hesitant to tell my story, especially on the internet, because of the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding mental health. Yet, in order to chip away at the stigma, one must start a conversation and share their story. 

I want to tell my story. I want to write about what really happened. Honest, raw, real, no guessing. I don't mean to sound full of myself, but I have quite a lot of things to write about. I know I will someday; not necessarily on this blog, but somewhere open to the public.


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