Thursday, August 27, 2015

drinks at the cafe

If nothing needs to be done at work, you'll find me making funny little drinks. 
Below are a few that I had the chance to take a picture of. 

1. This mug is adorable; I love it. It's bigger than those tiny espresso mugs, and smaller than our "small" mug (if you were to order a small coffee). 

This is two shots of espresso, and just a bit of steamed soy milk and foam. Cinnamon on top. 

I like to make this an hour before closing, as we have lots of cleaning to do after closing. Sometimes I feel like I just don't have the energy to get through it, and this is a cozy quick fix. 

2. This is pumpkin spice latte in my cat mug. See the ears poking up on the sides? Yeah, they poke me in the face when I finish a drink in this mug. Always a fun time. My brother Ben gave me this mug for my birthday this past May, and he wanted me to take a picture of my latte in the mug. Sorry, I kinda messed up the latte art. Oh well. 

3. This is a medium whole milk latte, and it actually wasn't mine! The customer had walked away and no one else was around, so I snapped a quick picture before sending this beauty away. Not perfect, but I thought it was cute. 

4. Plain old soy latte. Probably my best latte art, to be honest. 

5. Alright, bare with me here. I know, this looks like a complete disaster of a drink, but it's amazing. 

I start out with two shots of espresso on the bottom of the mug. Then I steam soy milk, a couple splashes of the chai concentrate (that we use for chai lattes) and a couple scoops of cocoa all together at once. Now I have this soy chocolate chai mixture. 

I pour it right in the middle of the espresso, so I can keep the outline of the crema and the chocolate in the middle. Plenty of foam on top, and sprinkled cocoa. 

The orange outline is the espresso, and the brown in the middle is the chocolate. Best of both worlds, I'm tellin' you. 

A regular chai latte with a shot of espresso is known as a "dirty chai," so I guess you could call this a double dirty chocolate soy chai? I don't know. I just call it my special drink, because it's the best thing ever, especially in the winter time. 

6. This is the same as above, but in a tiny mug that turned out to be one of the owner's flower pots. Oops. It was on the mug rack, and it didn't have a hole in the bottom. We cleaned it well, don't worry. 

Those are all the pictures I have for now. 


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