Saturday, May 09, 2015

10/10 would recommend

I recently visited with an old teacher of mine, and she asked me, "so how is everything? How's life? On a scale of 1-10?" I said ten out of ten, because I'm almost through with my junior year of high school, and life couldn't be better.

Not even kidding.

I'll write separate posts in much more detail about most of these, but here are just a few reasons why things are just A+ right now:

  • working at a local coffee house for almost ten months, and no it's not all about the money
  • training brazilian jiu-jitsu, as the clumsiest student on the mat ever, staying positive
  • playing the flute is always a nice time
  • college visits, round one, are done and my feet are plenty wet
  • deciding to take a gap year following high school graduation
  • reading this crazy good book, after finishing this other crazy good book, and I want to tell you all about both of them
  • first shot at the SATs are done, and I feel amazing about the whole thing
  • summer plans = working, training, driving, Iceland, drum corps international, and band camp
  • senior year next year is looking good so far, scheduling-wise
  • oh, and I chopped off all my hair again -- back to normal, just the way I love it
  • this street sign that we passed on the road several months ago keeps making me laugh, and then I edited it to high-contrast black and white. Now I want to write a story about it. Funny how that all works. 

That's all for now. 


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