Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 55

Turns out, if you're kickboxing, breathing is highly recommended. 

I forgot the proper breathing technique today during kickboxing. Whoops. 

About half an hour into the class, everyone lined up against the wall and watched our teacher, Scott, demonstrate a kick. 

Aaand then the pretty color splotches came to invade my vision. Shit. 

I wrote a conversation with myself that raced through my head when I knew that I was going to pass out if I didn't do anything soon.


You need water. Now. 

But he's explaining something. 

Fuck that. Go to the girl's changing room and drink your water, goddamnit. 

Do you want to look like a wimp? 

No, but-

Do you want to look rude?

No, but-

If you brought your water out on the mat like everyone else, you could probably get away with it. But you didn't. 

But it's so close---

Relax. Scott won't be long. You can get your water afterwards. 

This is really important though. I can't pass out, especially not on the mat. 

Just make a run for it as soon as he sends people off with their partners. 


At that point, my head ached too much to debate further. I silently prayed that Scott would hurry up so I wouldn't pass out right then and there on the mat. 

By the time he was sending everyone off with their partners, I was leaning against the wall; I could hardly see, I felt incredibly dizzy, my hands were shaking, and my balance had been compromised. 

My partner, Chloe, who was too hyped up to start working on kicks to notice that something was a little off about me, started to approach me. I just told her that I was getting water as I stumbled and forced my body out towards the girl's changing rooms. My hands attacked every surface they could find; walls, chairs, door handles, in an effort to keep myself from collapsing until I made it to my destination. 

Sitting on the floor, I drank what was left of my water and took a moment to catch my breath. I tried slapping myself to get myself back in the headspace of kickboxing. 

After a solid two minutes, I willed myself to go back in and try again. 

Not sure if that was the smartest decision, but we weren't doing burnouts that day. 

Burnouts is something we occasionally do at the end of class; they're intended to wear you out and build stamina and endurance, all that fun stuff. We line up facing the flexible gymnast-mat-type-thing and, without worrying about form, just punch it repetitively for a minute. It's exhausting, but I love them. 


Take note if you plan on boxing in the future. 


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