Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 52

This picture actually says it all, if you look carefully enough.

I spent all morning and then some relaxing in the window seat, which gets a crazy amount of sun. 

It was perfect.

I was lying there in the window seat, the sun pouring in. My heavy knit sweater was draped over me as a makeshift blanket. I laid on the plush pillows with my thrift shop tie-dye v-neck on, alternating between reading The Glass Castle and just melting into a nap, bathing in utter bliss. I had to take off my glasses in the chance that my head would collapse back down into a nap again on the pillow. Mum brought carrots and hummus, and sparkling cider. It's not champagne, I promise.

Felt really funny this morning, like everything was surreal. Maybe I got up too early. Or too late. Maybe it's because I practically read myself to sleep the previous night, and I started reading the next minute I woke up. 

Everything was just peaches and cream today. I don't get to say that too often. 


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