Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 46

Everyone needs to watch at least one terrible shark movie at some point in their lives. 

Got together with a bunch of my guy friends, and Julia, and watched Sharknado, followed by Brother Bear and season one of Spongebob.
I was laughing so hard at Sharknado that I didn't even hear what they were saying half the time. The special effects in that movie are half the reason why I want to major in animation, special effects, and interactive technologies. So things like Sharknado never come out ever again with that bad effects. 

My favorite line, by far, was the guy at the convenience store, who says, "The gods aren't angry at us, aliens aren't coming down, it's the government.

Julia and I had to leave during the bubble-blowing episode of Spongebob. That episode always reminds me of band camp.
Squidward tries to blow a bubble, without using Spongebob's proper technique.

"Technique! Technique! Technique! Squidward, you're-- you're not-- using.. correct.. technique."
And Squidward goes on and mocks Spongebob's technique.
Our drill instructor and drum majors always yell "technique!" at us during our marching practices.

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