Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 44

My apologies for yet another picture of Pesky. 

Valentine's Day, and the usual happens at school. 
  1. Carnation deliveries.

    You can buy a carnation for a buck a piece, and send it to a friend with a note on Valentine's Day. They even color-code the carnations to match your relationship. It's a very high school thing to do.
    Pink = friends
    Red = significant other
    White = secret admirer

    So that's always something to talk about.
  2. Singing valentines

    You can buy singing valentines for friends for three dollars. Small a cappella groups from the school chorus come around and sing a cute song to your English class. They usually come to other classes too, because they have the time.
  3. Cute couples being cute.
  4. Single people making jokes about "singles awareness day," and how they'll end up "forever alone." 
  5. Food everywhere. 
It was also the day before February vacation. 

We band kids had the last period of the day free, so instead of ending my day with band, guess what I was doing until late after school?

That's right. Biology midyears.

My school does two days of science midyears and two days of math midyears. I still had to make up the science, so what better time then after school on Valentine's Day, right before a week long vacation?

Nah, I'm just glad they're over with.

Now I'm back to what I did yesterday: forcing the creativity onto paper in the form of fictional writing to prove myself worthy. I'm actually making progress, though. I've been told that I'm excellent at writing believable dialogue, so I'm writing a conversation as a teaser for the rest of this new story idea. 


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