Friday, January 03, 2014

mum and Vita portraits

I'm under a lot of imaginary pressure to hurry up and become talented in art. (See here for more).

Lately, I've focused on realism. Believe it or not, realism is much easier for me than semi-realism, when it comes to the final product.

I'm also willing to take more risks when it comes to art, after recently being inspired by the Worcester Art Museum and Forrest Gump.

I made a couple slow GIFs to show the different processes I took for two of my most recent projects.

I tried to stop every half hour or so to take a progress screen shot, but sometimes I forgot. There might be spots that seem to have a big jump, and that's why.

This one is my mum, and the final result was her Christmas present.
This has a photo reference, and I started it as a pencil sketch before moving to digital. 
I'm relatively proud of this one.

Then there's this girl, Vita, who I didn't even mean to finish completely. She started off as just a practice freehand digital sketch that turned out surprisingly well.

This one is a little hard to follow. After laying down the base skin color, I tried to get the shading of the face down. I did, but then I didn't like the way it looked, so I tried a slightly different color scheme and a different blending brush. I ended up using both versions of the facial shading, each at different opacity levels to create an interesting look. The dark blue hair is a little hard to see, but I assure you, I took hours on the hair alone.

Any criticism and feedback would be much appreciated. I spent endless hours on each of these.


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  1. I'd say don't be afraid to draw harsher lines to add more definition, especially around the eyes. Not that I'm one to judge.