Sunday, January 05, 2014

Day 5

I don't know why everyone in the family was so surprised to see that my kickboxing gloves look like this. They all knew that I had recently signed up for classes, so I don't know what else they expected to see.

"Oh my... this is the real deal!" says my new step mommy. She was especially taken aback by how big the gloves are, and how red they are. Again, I don't know what else she expected. It's kickboxing, therefor you need boxing gloves.

I'm still on my vacation sleep cycle. That means staying up until 4:00 AM at the very latest, and waking up at noon at the very latest.

So I was wide awake at one in the morning this morning, and decided to practice kickboxing in my room.

Wait, what?

Calm down, I'm not hitting my bed or the wall. I just shadow box a lot. Shadow-boxing is when you pretend to box with someone, but you're just hitting mid-air. It's quiet.

Not gonna lie, practicing kickboxing at one in the morning this morning was by far the highlight of my entire day. Pretty shitty day, I gotta say.

Oh well. The day's over. Hopefully day 6 will be better.


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