Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28

I forgot stellar was a word and now I am going to use it. I had a stellar day today. 

Had to make an impromptu visit down to the sanitized-everything hallways of the doctor's office this morning. Prior, my mom throws me a sandwich bag with a handful of chocolate chips inside. 

Chocolate chocolate. 

And then, 
and then,
about an hour ago, I came back from kickboxing class. It was the most intense class I've ever had. I mean, let's get real, I wasn't glistening with sweat, and I didn't transform into the black widow at the end, but still. It was intense.

We worked on the kick portion of the kickboxing.
Someone holds a suitcase-sized bag up on their thigh. That person is in there kickboxing stance, so their legs are open, knees bent, all that. The other person just goes at it. The kick is a little hard to describe, but it involves hitting the bag with your shin and your leg, but not your knee. It involves this dramatic arm movement to keep your balance stabilized, opening your hips, hitting the right part of your leg, bringing your knee up high enough to create a better impact, all that. Hard to keep that all in mind when the kick itself is over within a second.

I was paired up with this new kid named Padro. He seemed about seventeen years old. He either had previous experience, but not enough to move to the intermediate class, or he was just a wicked fast learner.

Mr. Padro here, he hit the bag hard. So hard that I can still feel it all over my left thigh, even when I'm just sitting here writing on my laptop. I can feel it when I walk, too. I don't even want to know what that feels like without the damn bag.
Watch. You just watch, tomorrow morning, there's gonna be a masterpiece of a bruise all over my left thigh.

If/when hat bruise comes, I'll be able to point to it and say, 
"Y'know where I got that? Kickboxing.*"

*Kickboxing class, where this kid beat the absolute shit out of my thigh through a kicking bag for a brutal five minutes. 

Is it odd that I'm motivated by my own physical pain in my thigh to work harder and workout more often and such? Because that's what's goin' on right now. Good thing; it get's me back on track with my new year's resolution

In other news, I made a ball bounce today in animation class. Very satisfying.


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  1. It's a satisfying feeling, knowing that you worked hard! When I played goalie in soccer, I used to judge the success of my practice or game by how many bruises I had and how dirty I was (from rolling around in the dirt) at the end of the day!