Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24

I came home from my impromptu sort-of-involuntary leave of absence today.

Two grand friends of mine, Madeleine and Julian, were trying to find a time that they could stop by my place and say hi.

They originally planned for 6:30, but that's when I have kickboxing class. We rescheduled for 5:30.

They ended up being significantly late. I was in the car, ready to leave for kickboxing and their car pulled up next to ours.

The whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

There was much hugging.
Julian handed me two tupperware containers full of homemade oatmeal raison cookies.
Madeleine handed me sheet music for band, and a drawing of me in wolf-form, complete with gay pride leg warmers.
Julian had to bring his little sister along for the ride, so she was getting out of the car when she was told to stay in the car.
Julian is trying to get her to stay in the car in the most polite oldest-brother manner possible.
I'm getting all overwhelmed with gifts and with time management for my kickboxing class.
Now Julian's little sister is out of the car, and when she finds out that they have to leave, she starts whining, saying,
"You lied to me?!"
"You tricked me!!"
"What do you mean we have to go now?"
"We didn't even get to go inside yet!"
"This isn't even fair."
It was short, and sweet, and the perfect amount of overwhelming.

They came over without his little sister for a couple more hours after my class, too.

And I know you're reading this, Julian. Much appreciated.

A pretty nice welcome back into civilization, if I do say so myself.


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