Thursday, January 02, 2014

Day 2

If you don't like living in New England, then what are you doing in New England?

All the other towns closed school today for the snow, except for mine. We had an early release so it could count as a school day in the books, despite the fact that every single class went something like this:

"Anyone do anything fun over the break?"
"Well, since we only have 20 minute classes today, we might as well get something done."
"Okay, this is the homework due the next time we have school!"
"Do the snow dance, and enjoy the long weekend!"

I don't know what the snow dance is, but it worked.

Snow day tomorrow. Planning on going outside and building a snow man.

Julian says I won't be able to do it because I'll freeze my ass off. Maybe it'll be a speed snow man, or a mini snow man. I just wanna build a goddamn snowman. It's been too long.

If the photo for Day 3 isn't any kind of a snow man, I apologize in advance.


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