Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10

I finally made that snowman. 

Since last Friday, which was a snow day with disappointing powdery snow, I've been waiting for snowman snow to fall so I can finally make that snowman that I was talking about. Even if it's a week late.

Our band director was out today, so we had a free period during the last hour of school.

Time to end the week with a snowman. 

For a while, my friends thought I was making a huge snowball to chuck at them.

I sounded like a complete idiot, because I was ridiculously happy that there was snowman snow, and I was so determined to make one. I didn't have any good gloves on me, so I just went at it with my bare hands.

Yeah, that hurt after awhile. But it's a nice change to feel that extreme cold rather than feel nothing. I think that's why I'm usually quite tolerant to the cold.

The branches came from a nearby tree. I don't think we're supposed to rip off branches to use as snowman arms. Shh.

I was wondering what would've happened if a monitor saw me ripping and twisting the branches off. Down in the principal's office?

"Ms. Heels, I've just been informed that you... ripped off branches of a tree on school grounds."

"They were for a snowman."

"...excuse me?"


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