Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Day 1

I like to think that I'll never stop playing flute. I received this particular gem for Christmas last year.

The "problem" is, whenever I pick it up and start practicing, it's likely that I'll get carried away and play for hours. Scales, sight reading, old audition pieces, whatever it is.

Back in fifth grade, when we had to chose our instrument for the school band, I wanted to go for percussion. However, my dad compared percussion to modern art.

"Percussion is like modern art. You have to be able to paint a bowl of fruit before you can go into modern art. You have to be able to play a real instrument before you can go into percussion."

When we're at football games for marching band, and we're hanging out in the stands, there's always someone who wants to try to get a legitimate sound out of the flute.

"I swear, it's broken, " one of them said.


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