Monday, December 09, 2013

lesbians in prison

Did the title get your attention?

That's my three word summary for Netflix's original show, Orange is the new Black. It's literally lesbian drama in prison. The characters are absolutely ridiculous, and so original. 

I'm usually not into drama shows. I'm more of a science-fiction and humour kind of person, but this is definitely my exception. Goodness gracious, I'm in love. Netflix, I applaud you.

For those of you who've seen it, I'm very much in love with Alex Vause. I'm not sorry, not one little bit. I mean, just look at her.

A) Don't watch this in the living room, or in public.

B) There's kind of a lot of swearing, but you'll get used to it.

C) Everything in the women's prison is very much like the 1950's. Just go with it.

D) It'll make you appreciate how nice "real life" is, compared to prison? Depends on your perspective.

If you choose to watch it, you'll either love it and watch it all, or you'll end up like everyone else.

Everyone else says, "Um... yeah... I watched the first episode, and it scared me."

Now go forth and prosper. Or conquer. It's one of those two; I can't remember.


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