Monday, November 11, 2013

xyz changed their profile picture. again.

Why has it become such a big deal on Facebook?

It makes me kinda sad, actually.

All it is, is a tiny little thumbnail next to your name around the social media website. That's it.

It really has to do with self-esteem.

I guess it's just a tool to boost someone's self-esteem. I mean, it's no secret that a whole bunch of teenagers struggle with self-esteem.

I guess it's just the amount of effort that some people go to, simply to upload a picture of themselves, that makes me sad. That, and the frequency of changing their profile pictures.


The likes part bothers me the most.

But I'll get to that in just a little bit.


We will go out of our way to take hundreds of selfies, delete all of them, start over, try to find just the right one...

Cropping it just right.

Finding just the right filter.

Adjusting the brightness, contrast, warmth.

Until it looks just right.

Then the caption...

Finding just the right song quote, or inspirational quote.

Maybe this time it'll be some witty saying.

Or maybe I won't say anything.

Then I finally upload it. 

And wait.

Getting so nervous with every minute that people are just scrolling by my face.

Thinking that people hate me, and think I'm ugly.

And then, the first like comes up.

Alright, I can breathe. Someone approves of me. 

Repeat the next time I really need a self-esteem boost.


I know this because I've done this too, for the past couple of years. I don't obsess over it very much anymore, probably because I have a great one right now, but it's still nerve-wracking whenever I change it.

I never said that my self-esteem is as high as our national debt.

I usually change mine about once a month, but I have a wicked good one right now, so I'm keeping that forever. It's from the labor day parade in the pouring rain. I'm in the marching band, front row of flutes, perfect horn angle, glasses all fogged up. The picture came from the Worcester Telegram paper, so it's pretty damn nice.

I don't obsess over the caption though. For the most part, I don't have captions. No one reads those, anyway.


Alright. The LIKES. Here we go.

I'm not even sure if I like the concept of "likes" to begin with.

It's a number. A way to measure, to compare. Much like all the other horrible numbers in our lives: our grades, our weight, our time management and time limits, our age. The list goes on.

We'll compare our likes with likes on our own past profile pictures, and everyone else's profile pictures.

The likes ultimately backfire, and make us feel even worse.

A) Likes makes you feel great about yourself. Woah... 75 likes. Okay, I guess I'm appreciated. This feels nice.
B) Oh, but that person got over 200 likes. She's better than me, and I'm not good enough. Time to go wallow in self-hate for a while.

See what I'm saying?

From my perspective, I honestly think they do more damage then encouragement.


I guess you could say I kinda miss the days where it wasn't a big deal, and some of my friends had pictures of cats as their profile pictures.

That's all I have to say about that.


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