Tuesday, November 05, 2013

wax art??

I don't even know if "wax art" is a thing. I'm just experimenting, alright?

This is what I've chosen to do with my day off, by the way. I tried drawing the male body in correct proportions and detail earlier today, and that did not end well. It's much easier drawing things that you're attracted to. For me, that's females. I always make the arms and legs of males look smooth and pretty instead of stereotypically chunky and muscular.

Anyway. I felt like going out of my comfort zone today, so here we are. 

Lately I've been getting really into scented candles, and playing with candle wax.

My first experiment involved my Orange Sapphire candle from Bath and Body Works. Much to my despair, they don't make those anymore. Why can't they just stop making new scents all the time and just stick with the good scents that they already have? I'm telling you, it'd be a whole lot easier and less confusing for everybody. Wait-- they should have us VOTE for the scents to discontinue. Yeah. Democracy at it's finest.

So the wax is orange. That's all you really need to know.
I was dipping my fingers in the wax, and I saved the dried little flakes of wax that resulted. I thought it would look real cool if I rubbed the dried wax on paper, and I thought it would be kind of like a weird makeshift crayon.

Here are the results:

I'm fully aware that it looks like someone had an accident of some kind. I'll leave that part up to your beautiful imaginations. 

I've managed to convinced myself that it wasn't a complete failure. Maybe it'll add a cool texture on top of something else. And then it'll win an award somewhere and some fancy judge with his glasses about to fall off his nose will come up to me and ask, "gosh darn it why does it smell like oranges?!" 

Can't a girl fantasize sometimes?

So that was a bit of a let down. I thought it would look a lot cooler than that.

So my next attempt at "wax art" is to burn a bunch of different colored candles and drip them over a piece of paper, and maybe that'll look cool. 

I'm actually writing this as a play-by-play, because I actually haven't done this experiment yet.

I went candle hunting around my house, and found appropriate fall colored candles. 

From left to right, we have "Sparkling Cinnamon" from Yankee Candle, "Autumn Leaves" from Yankee Candle, "Warm Vanilla Sugar" from Bath and Body Works, and "Orange Sapphire" from Bath and Body Works.

My room smells hella nice right now, I can tell you that. 

I can already tell that I will be buying and asking for many candles this Christmas. Wink wink.


Here are the results of this experiment:

Oh my. That was interesting...

I'm not exactly sure what I was going for. But I can tell you that it's very hard to control where the wax goes. As soon as you drip it on the paper, you lose control and hope for the best. I guess I'll have to practice getting my wax under control.

This also looks like a messy accident... a bloody one.

Here's another one. I was holding it at different angles, and blowing on it while it dried quite quickly.  I actually don't mind this one. As you can tell once again, the wax is just going all over the place; very hard to control.

"Oh yeah, I still have some Warm Vanilla Sugar wax left. Might as well keep going..."

This one was a bit different. I took a towel, rolled it up and placed the paper on top, so it would be at a cool angle, so the wax would drip off the sides. Despite the weird colors, this one was a fun experiment. 

The only bad part is that it was a towel, and I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Now I gotta get the wax out of the towel. Better whip out that Oxi Clean. 

This is the final product of my first attempt. What a gorgeous murder scene... 

I think this one is my favorite out of the three, actually.

The aftermath.  

That's exactly what I was going for. The waxes mixing and merging and blending. But of course, that happened on the paper bag, not the paper itself.

Things to try for next time:

-Take a blow dryer to the wax as it's drying
-Preferably bigger paper
-Don't have your computer so damn close to the experiment
-Take a lighter and remelt the wax after it's dried - make some edits??
-Add Elmer's glue to the mix

I'm not even kidding, the paper bag was just inches away from my laptop. I know, I'm such an irresponsible delinquent.

So. That was interesting.

"What'd you do on your day off?"
 "Ah, nothin. Just messed around with candle wax. Tried to make it look pretty."
"... I just watched Netflix all day."


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