Sunday, November 17, 2013

mid-day, stuffy, sweaty, unpleasant, judgemental workouts

This quarter of the year, every other day in the middle of the damn school day, I have to go down to the Fitness Center for my gym period.

It's either that or speed ball.

Pros and cons. Here we go.

  1. If you have a healthy self-esteem that isn't easily damaged, then you're good to go, no matter how in/out of shape you are.
  2. There's cardiovascular shit and strength machines all in one room. Woah.
  3. If ear buds don't bother the hell out of you, then you can just block out everyone else and focus on your own workout.
  4. You're not playing speed ball.
  1. It's hot and stuffy and smelly in there. When I'm biking, I like to have cold, fresh air blasted in  my face. That reward is non-existent on the spinning machines. No, a fan will not suffice. It's not the same.
  2. People everywhere. Better people on the treadmill, right next to you. Perfect opportunity for comparisons! Just tilt your head a little bit, and you can see how many less calories you're burning than the person next to you. They can do the same to you.

    One of my friends suggested I just do weights, if I hate it so much. Then I'm afraid that people will see how many pounds I'm lifting; or how many I'm not lifting.
  3. If ear buds bother the hell out of you, then you're pretty much screwed. You're stuck listening to the horrible pop music they play in there, along with the news on the TV.
  4. I find it impossible to get a runner's high when I'm in there, no matter how hard I work.
  5. Just watching everyone else working their asses off is a damper on my mood. For a second, I might think, wow I'm working really hard. That's cool. Go me. But that's just for a second or two.
  6. The gym coach has to come around and check everyone's heart rate. I'm pretty sure mine was so high because A) Maybe I was working hard? I don't know. B) I got so scared that my heart rate wouldn't be sufficient, and I hate having her stand next to me and stare at the screen on the machine until it read what she wanted it to read. 
Can we all just agree that high school gym sucks?

Alright. Good talk.


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